Mental Health

For over thirty years I have either worked for, or in liaison with, mental health services from a Person-Centred approach. My own interest in this area began with a close friend suffering a mental breakdown at sixteen years of age and trying to understand what this felt like for her and her family. 

I have worked for Mind both in North Wales and in Bristol and run groups focusing on specific mental health issues, for people recovering from these, their families and friends. Having gained much experience, I delivered training on a wide range of mental health issues and more recently taught on the Foundation Degree in Counselling, Youth Work, and Working With People in Substance Misuse specifically on mental health related subjects. 

I believe that good mental health is about finding a balance in our lives and feeling positive about ourselves, valuing who we are, and that sometimes we may need support in exploring and discovering how to achieve this. Much of my work with clients in this area is around self-care and coping strategies.
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