Bereavement, Grief and Loss

In 1994 I trained with Cruse Bereavement Care in North Wales to become a counsellor for bereaved people. I found this work incredibly moving and stimulating and have just ended this voluntary work this year. 

In 2005 I trained as a children's counsellor with Cruse and worked with children, young people and families to try and support them through their loss and grief. I also coordinated the work of the Cruse Children and Young People's Counselling Team.

Many clients have come to me to explore their feelings of loss and I encourage them to express their sadness and embrace their feelings, whilst also offering techniques to help support and ground them during this time. 

Informing this work is my own experience of grief in coping with the completed suicide of my friend and the sudden death of my nephew and niece in a fire. 

Grief can be incredibly overwhelming, confusing and disorienting and I offer a point of stillness, calm and care during such a devastating time.
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